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Togo: will the people finally dethrone the Gnassingbé dynasty?

Togo has been ruled by a father-son duo for 50 years. Gnassingbé Eyadema (b. 1935) seized power in a military coup in 1967. He...
electoral credibility

The thin line between electoral credibility and political stability in Kenya

After a Supreme Court ruling that invalidated Kenya’s August 8 presidential election, the country now finds itself in a moral predicament between political stability...

What does Africa need?

Africa would be the greatest continent if it would pay attention to its needs than wants. The greatest need of Africa in advancing its socio-economic...



Kenya’s post-election violence: the harm that’s been done to children

Kenya’s recent general election was held amid political tension and fear. Election violence is not new to the East African country. About 1,100 people,...
Vote of no confidence

Jacob Zuma Survives Vote of No Confidence

(Cape Town) - President Jacob Zuma survived a vote of no confidence in him for the eighth time. Voting happened in secret in the...
electoral credibility

Kenyatta or Odinga? Why dynastic politics is alive and well in Kenya

Author: Nic Cheeseman, University of Birmingham Kenya’s general election will be contested by a large number of hopefuls, but in reality, it’s a two-horse race between...

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The Narrative Must Change – Now!

narrative must change
For our maiden editorial, the Citizens Board would like to indicate the footprint and legacy it wishes to leave for posterity. Our ethos emanates from some disheartening observations in the current African media industry. The current media landscape in democratically stable countries in Africa is...

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