(Kintampo) – The Citizens Board’s investigative team has gathered fresh evidence in support of allegations by aggrieved staff of the College of Health and Wellbeing, Kintampo that the Principal uses official school vehicles to promote his wife’s business in what they term as abuse of state resources.

State resources
Prof. Ahmed Adu-Oppong

The aggrieved staff who earlier submitted a petition to the Ministry of Health for the removal of the Principal, Prof Ahmed Adu-Oppong cite conflict of interest in the award of a contract to supply detergent to the College. Citizens Board has gathered that without recourse to the procurement law, the Principal connived with the procurement officer of the College to sole-source the supply of detergents to his wife. As if that were not enough, the supplier (his wife) does not supply the goods to the College’s store, instead, college vehicles, fueled by the college are used to supply the detergents even though the cost of the detergents included the cost of transportation for supplying same. To top it up, the whole supply is made through the labour of college staff.

In fact, two days ago, we reported with evidence acts of financial malfeasance in the College which triggered staff of the college to stage a demonstration against the Principal. It seems the whistleblowing on all these allegations is falling on deaf ears or is basically ignored by the authorities who are supposed to investigate this inappropriateness.

We continue to investigate happenings in this College, and very soon, we will be publishing further evidence that suggests that the appointment of the Principal is questioned-marked and requires full probing. Stay tuned.

College vehicle delivering detergents supposed to be supplied by the wife of the College’s principal. Source: CB Investigative Team
College vehicle fully loaded with detergents. Source: CB Investigative Team

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